Leica IIIa + 5cm f2 Summar

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  • Optical condition: 2 / 5
  • Mechanicals: 3 / 5

Unique Description

Comes with SELSY flash synchro baseplate and modified EXOOM ever ready case. Shutter working and rangefinder ok. Sold as is.

Slight dust inside optics, which would not affect image quality at all. Scratches inside optics, which might affect image quality at extreme conditions. Haze inside optics, might affect image quality by lowering the contrast.
Leica 5cm f2 Summar

Fast collapsible normal lens introduced by Leica in 1932. Optical design consists of six uncoated elements. Closest focusing distance is 1m and minimum aperture is f12.5.

35mm rangefinder camera introduced by Leica in 1935. Separate finder windows for composition and focusing. Two shutter speed dials, one for 1-1/20s and one for speeds 1/30-1/1000s.

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