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  • Canon AV-1 - Camera
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Canon AV-1 - Camera

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System: Canon FD
Film Format: 35mm FIlm

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Database Description

Canon AV-1 - Camera

  • The Canon AV-1 is an interchangable lens, manual focus, aperture priority 35mm SLR using Canon’s FD mount.
  • Like it’s more common cousin, the AE-1, the AV-1 uses a 4LR44 battery for all functions, including aperture priority exposure and light metering.
  • Instead of the AE-1’s shutter priority, the AV-1 reads the attached FD lens and selects a shutter speed based on the reading.
  • All AE-1 accessories will also fit the AV-1.
  • The AV-1 lacks a proper shutter speed dial and does not have manual mode. The camera can only be used in aperture priority mode or fire at a 1/60th of a second flash sync speed.

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